Yoga is a favorite activity for people of all ages, but for seniors, yoga offers special advantages. Both a senior-safe exercise and a way to relax with friends, yoga could be the solution your elderly loved ones are looking for.

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A Relaxing Way to Stay Active

When growing older, seniors suffer from stress, joint pains, and memory loss. Yoga is the perfect sport for them because it can reduce the chances of stress and life-threatening diseases. Let’s look closer at what yoga can do for seniors:

  1. Promote strength & flexibility
  2. Improve blood circulation
  3. Encourage mental health
  4. Socialize with peers

1) Promote Strength & Flexibility

Yoga is an excellent option for maintaining health and stability in seniors. Yoga instructors introduce them to yoga poses to loosen and tone their muscles. This helps to reduce discomfort caused by chronic pain or injuries. Seniors who practice yoga are also more likely to have good health and a stronger immune system. 

2) Improve Blood Circulation

Relaxation helps in more blood circulation, while breathing exercises bring more fresh oxygenated blood to the lungs and body. Proper circulation ensures the cells receive the nutrients they need in a timely manner, boosting overall health. Elderly adults with poor circulation can certainly benefit from regular yoga sessions.

3) Encourage Mental Health

Yoga focuses on calming your mind as you simply focus on the present moment. You’re encouraged to leave your stress at the door. For seniors with mental health struggles or worries, this is an excellent way to relax. Encourage your loved ones to give their minds a break through a style of yoga designed to calm the mind.

4) Socialize with Peers

Strong friendships play an important role in any senior’s life. If an assisted living center offers a yoga class attended by a large group of residents, that’s a perfect opportunity for your elderly loved ones to make friends with their peers. Combine socialization with senior-safe exercise for a truly rewarding experience.

A Senior’s Yoga Journey

Yoga is not all about sitting on a mat and folding your arms outwards in silence. Whether your senior family members want to focus on bodily health, mental health, or simply on making friends, yoga can help. Attending yoga classes will help seniors build their social lives and help them reconnect with their bodies.

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