When moving your senior loved one to senior living communities, look for a facility that offers exercises for assisted living residents. Older adults need to exercise to boost their overall health and mental wellness. This guide explores simple exercises for seniors.

What are some exercises that seniors can do in assisted living?

Regular exercising has long-term benefits, especially for seniors with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. According to the National Institute on Aging, daily exercise is mandatory for long-term health.

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  1. Chair Workouts
  2. Strength Exercises
  3. Balance Exercises
  4. Cardio Exercises
  5. Walking

1) Chair Workouts

If your senior loved one can’t perform regular exercise due to chronic conditions or joint problems, let them do chair workouts. This allows them to work within their capabilities. Besides, you can modify chair workouts with other exercises like lifting hand weights.

2) Strength Exercises

A strength exercise helps build muscle, increasing the body’s metabolism to check blood sugar levels. Look for senior-friendly strength exercises, such as squats and pushups. However, don’t overdo strength exercises as they can strain muscles.

3) Balance Exercises

Balance exercises can help seniors maintain their balance to prevent falling. As a result, this reduces the risk of injuries related to falling. Studies reveal that one in three seniors fall, and up to 30 percent of the falls result in severe injuries.

4) Cardio Exercises

There are many forms of cardiovascular exercises, including walking, swimming, and aerobics. The exercises can increase breathing and heart rate for a specific duration, let’s say, 30 minutes. Thankfully, cardio exercises are suitable for heart health.

5) Walking

Another simple exercise for seniors is regular walking. A 30-minute walk daily is helpful and can be done around the community. You can invest in tools that track the number of steps you make daily to impact your health positively.

Exercises for Happy & Healthy Assisted Living Residents

Exercises for assisted living residents are easy and senior-friendly, keeping your senior loved one happy and healthy. If you move a loved one to assisted living communities or skilled nursing facilities, you’ll find exercise opportunities that suit them best.

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