What to ask when evaluating an assisted living home for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s.Questions to Ask When Assessing an Assisted Living Home

We know how important it is to find the appropriate home for your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. You want to make sure it’s safe, loving, and positive home environment.

We put together the following questions to ask when accessing an assisted living home for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s:

  • Is the home large enough so that the resident does not feel restricted or restrained?
  • Does it offer activities suitable for the person’s abilities?
  • Does it have a positive home environment? You want it to be colorful, but not overly stimulating or confusing for your loved one.
  • Is music or singing included in daily or weekly activities at the assisted living home? A lot of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s still sing or play musical instruments. This is great therapy for them and it helps them communicate and bound with family members and friends.
  • Is the staff trained to care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s? How do the caregivers deal with residents who act out?
  • Are residents kept clean, well dressed, and treated with kindness and respect?

You also want to make sure the home is safe and properly prepared to handle residents who attempt to wander. You don’t want a home that will tie residents down. Please ask this question as well when interviewing assisted living homes.

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