As temperatures drop and the weather changes, it is a good idea to make sure your house is ready for winter. Safety and maintenance are the main theme, and it’s good they go hand in hand. Get started with these easy tips.

Winterizing Your Home

Make all routine system checks, perform maintenance, and clean key areas. Your winter home preparations begin with these 5 easy tips:

  1. Start Outside  Trim any branches away from your house and power lines in case storms come. Make sure your lawn is fertilized and your sprinkler system is off and drained. Turn off all outside faucets and store all hoses inside for the winter. Make sure all your outdoor lighting has working bulbs so all your paths are well lit.
  2. Check Roof and Gutters Make sure you don’t have any missing or damaged shingles on your roof. Clean off your roof and all your gutters. Make sure your gutters are fastened securely and all water will drain away from your home.
  3. Check Windows and Doors Do a routine inspection of all your windows and doors to ensure they will keep the heat in and the cold out. Look for cracks in your window panes, and areas of rot in any wooden window frames and doors. Make sure the weather-stripping and caulk around your windows and doors is forming adequate seals to keep the heat in.
  4. Check Your AC, Heater, and Alarms Have your AC company do a winter check on your heating and cooling system. Make sure all your air filters are clean to ensure the best air quality. Make sure your chimney and fireplace are without issues or hazards. Change your ceiling fans to reverse to push the hot air near the ceiling down. Replace any batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarms.
  5. Prepare for an Emergency You never know what kind of emergencies bad weather can bring. This is a great time of year to make sure you have a well-stocked weather emergency kit. Have extra bottles of water, plenty of candles and lighting utensils, flashlights and batteries, and plenty of canned and nonperishable foods on hand. Also keep the gas tank in your car full. It is a good idea to keep snacks, water, blankets, flashlights, and batteries in your car as well.

Helping Senior Loved Ones

If you have aging parents or other aging individuals near you, be sure to help them winterize their home too. Pay special attention to keeping them safe by making sure all paths and sidewalks are clear, they have handrails and use them, and all their light bulbs and batteries in alarms are new, inside and out. Help them especially with any of the more dangerous tasks such as getting on top of the roof. If your loved one is in an assisted living facility, check with their caregivers about any concerns you may have about winterizing their living environment.

Stay Safe. Stay Warm.

Keeping your family safe and warm during the winter by winterizing your home should be an annual routine. Don’t forget to help your aging loved ones winterize their homes too, to keep them safe and warm this winter. Unlimited Care Cottages provides the highest quality of individualized assisted living services. Contact Us for more information on special considerations you need to take when winterizing a home for an older adult.